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Barbie licenseesGames based on the Barbie doll from Mattel and her friends.Related Links ...44
Bard's Tale seriesThe Bard's Tale is a series of fantasy role-playing games originally created by ...6
Barista series2
Barkanoid series3
Barkley: Shut Up and Jam! series2
Barney Bear series3
Barney & Friends licensees6
Barn Runner series2
Barnyard licenseesGames based on the animated movie Barnyard or the TV series Back at the ...2
Baron Baldric seriesGames featuring Baron Baldric as the main character.2
Baroque universeGames set in the post-apocalyptic storyline of Sting's Baroque.5
Barry Steakfries seriesA series of action games by Halfbrick starring the recurrent character Barry ...3
Bas de Beer series2
Baseball Mogul series6
Baseball Simulator 1.000 / Ultra Baseball series2
Baseball Stars series4
Bases Loaded seriesGames in the "Bases Loaded" series, a series of games about baseball developed ...9
Baten Kaitos series2
Batman: Arkham series26
Batman licenseesGames starring any version of the Batman character owned by DC Comics. ...91
Batman: The Telltale Series6
B.A.T. series2
Battalion Commander series3
Battle Academy series11
Battle Arena Toshinden series11
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