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The Residents series2
Gameplay feature: Rotatable boards (in puzzle games)Games in this group give the player the ability to rotate the entire grid or ...2
World Empire series2
Muhammad Ali licenseesGames licensed/endorsed by Muhammad Ali.2
Star Lord gamesGames by Mike Singleton, the newer based on the lore of the older PBM game.2
Lost Empire seriesA series of 4X space games by Pollux Gamelabs.2
Reach for the Stars series2
Challenge Olympiad series2
Wild Thornberrys licenseesGames based on the characters and scenarios found in Nickelodeon's The Wild ...2
Rubble Saver series2
Enter the Story series2
Konami ReBirth seriesA series of remakes of classic Konami games released digitally on the Nintendo ...2
Super Taxi Driver series2
Eol gamesEol (에올) is a cute yellow anthropomorphic animal and the protagonist of games ...2
The Political Machine series2
Horny Sweeper seriesA series of turn-based strategy games with sex scenes in a sci-fi setting, ...2
Zavas seriesZavas (サバッシュ) is a series of role-playing games by Glodia, distinguished by ...2
PC Calciatori series2
House of 1,000 Doors series2
Earl Weaver Baseball series2
Pearl Harbor series2
Diva X series2
Emerald Dragon versionsVersions of the Japanese role-playing game Emerald Dragon, originally released ...2
Captain Speaking series2
Passengers on the Wind series2
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