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Game GroupDescriptionsorted in ascending order# Games
The Residents series2
Knight Games series2
Dr. Dumont versions2
Seafight seriesA series of games naval combat games developed by TriNodE Entertainment Systems.2
History Experience seriesA series of historical business simulations by Max Design.2
4th & Inches series2
Forest Dumb series2
Challenge Olympiad series2
Evolve series2
Don't Starve series2
Biker Mice From Mars licenseesGames based on the Biker Mice From Mars animated television series, both the ...2
A Valley without Wind series2
Villgust seriesA series of role-playing games on which the later anime series Villgust was ...2
Alice in Videoland series2
Valhalla Knights seriesGames belonging to the Valhalla Knights series by K2 LLC.2
The Whispered World series2
My Tribe series2
Candy Box series2
Stealth Inc. series2
Dark Colony series2
GunForce series2
Diva X series2
Psygnosis' Barbarian seriesNot to be confused with the Barbarian Legacy from Palace Software.2
Dengeki Nurse series2
Williams arcade emulation series2
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