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New Boggle Boggle seriesNew Boggle Boggle (뉴 보글보글) is a series of Korean-made games heavily inspired by ...2
Hurdle Turtle series2
Baron Baldric seriesGames featuring Baron Baldric as the main character.2
Christmas Conquest series2
The Fall of Gods series2
Puff the Dragon seriesTwo Codemasters games starring the unfortunately-named Puff the dragon2
Alonso Racing seriesA series of formula 1 racing games for mobile platforms.2
All Star Racing seriesA series of budget-priced racing games.2
Gift gamesCryo Interactive Entertainment's games about a short red devil.2
Dengeki Nurse series2
Team 17 Arcade Sports seriesA line of games which took the serious sides out of some serious sports2
Greg Hastings licensees2
Magical Story series2
Topo Soft's Luigi series2
Star Trek: Starship Creator series2
Gameloft's Nights seriesA series of mobile games by Gameloft, simulating life, similar to The Sims.2
Knight Squad games2
Berserk licenseesGames based on the popular Japanese Kenpuu Denki Berserk (剣風伝奇ベルセルク) manga or ...2
Youda Legend seriesA series of hidden object games developed by Youda Games which follow the ...2
Johnny Crash series2
Scandinavian Airports series2
Lost licenseesGames based on the TV series Lost.2
Dragonheart licenseesGames inspired by the adventure film franchise Dragonheart.2
Radiant series2
Margrave Manor series2
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