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PokéPark series2
Shivers series2
Image series2
Gameloft's Nights seriesA series of mobile games by Gameloft, simulating life, similar to The Sims.2
Little Fighter series2
Hundreds series2
3D Engine: Real Virtuality 1Games using a version of the Real Virtuality 1 engine by Bohemia Interactive.2
Topo Soft's Luigi series2
Trapped series2
Rise of Venice series2
Sprill series2
NFL Head Coach series2
Slam 'N Jam series2
Diva X series2
Seafight seriesA series of games naval combat games developed by TriNodE Entertainment Systems.2
Pumuckls Abenteuer legacy2
Quadrax series2
Midi-Maze legacyXanth's MIDI Maze, a primordial FPS, has had both official (such as Faceball) ...2
Game Gallery Compilation seriesContains Swing's Game Gallery Compilations.2
Planet Alcatraz / Sanitary Podzemeliy seriesAlso unofficially known as Dungeon Cleaners, this is a series of Russian-made ...2
Turtix series2
Chronicles of PydrainGames based on or inspired by author Lloyd Alexander's Chronicles of Prydain ...2
Grand Prix Simulator legacy2
Love Game's WaiWai Tennis seriesWaiWai Tennis game series (in Europe, second game was released under YehYeh ...2
Wonpara Wars seriesWonpara Wars (short for "Wonder Parallel Wars") is a series of adult board ...2
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