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NHL Breakaway seriesA series of hockey games.2
3D Engine: HEXengineGames using a version of HEXengine (original or modified), a proprietary engine ...2
Castle Crashers series2
Sally's franchisesA series of time management games in which the title character named Sally ...2
Steel Battalion seriesThe Steel Battalion series is a series of mech combat simulation games most ...2
Pandora series2
Keflings seriesA series of games developed by NinjaBee. The games task the player to assist ...2
Farm Heroes Saga series2
Fieldrunners series2
Gateway seriesGames based off of Frederik Pohl's Gateway series of novels.2
Alex the Allegator seriesA series originally developed by Free Lunch Design AB.2
Legend of Xanadu seriesLegend of Xanadu is a two-game spin-off series of Xanadu games (and ...2
Mistbound universeMistbound is the name of the original IP developed by W!Games. This fictional ...2
Nana Eiyū Monogatari series A series of tactical RPGs with adult content by Himeya Soft.2
Fairy Gods gamesThe official name of a hentai anime series of "digital novels" based on ...2
Singles series2
Zuma series2
Bucky O'Hare licensees2
Shadow Man seriesAcclaim's game interpretations of Valiant Comics' voodoo-themed "Shadow Man" ...2
Rick Dangerous series2
Eliza versionsVarious implementations of Dr. Joseph Weizenbaum's 1966 pioneering chatterbot ...2
Nyet series2
Idol Project series2
Globetrotter series2
Gyron series2
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