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Automobile: Ford TaurusGames where the player can drive the Ford Taurus and all its ...20
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor series20
3D Engine: Lithtech Jupiter EXGames using the Jupiter Engine Extended (EX) by Lithtech, Inc. (later Touchdown ...20
Aircraft: Su-27 & Su-33Games featuring the Sukhoi Su-27 (NATO designation: Flanker) multi-role fighter ...20
Automobile: BMW 5 SeriesGames where the player can drive a BMW 5 Series model. This group also includes ...20
Junior Adventure gamesHumongous' adventure series for kids 3-8 featuring characters like Pajama Sam, ...20
Painkiller seriesPeople Can Fly's debut game, Painkiller (coupled with Battle out of Hell) is a ...20
Genre: Sports - Air hockeyGames based on the game of Air Hockey, which usually consists of an air-hockey ...20
Silent Hill seriesSilent Hill is a series of primarily survival horror games, originally ...20
Aircraft: Panavia TornadoGames featuring the Panavia Tornado NATO fighter/bomber in a prominent role. ...20
Silent Hunter seriesThe Silent Hunter game group is a collection of games related to the (mainly ...20
Anaglyph 3-D Support (3-D Glasses)Games that use the graphical trick of anaglyph images to create the illusion of ...20
Middleware: HumanIKGames using the HumanIK middleware technology by Autodesk, used for the ...20
Ghostbusters licenseesWho Ya Gonna Call to play games based on Peter, Winston, Ray and Egon? Includes ...20
J. League gamesThis group includes all games which are officially licensed by the first ...20
Gameplay Feature: In-game achievementsGames which offer an achievement, trophy, etc. system that exists within the ...20
Dragon Warrior / Dragon Quest seriesDragon Quest (earlier installments were known in the West as Dragon Warrior) is ...20
Commercial modsThis is a list of games that are direct derivatives of freely distributed ...20
KOEI Historical Simulation seriesA series of games dealing with historical figures and time periods. Usually ...20
Automobile: Ferrari CaliforniaGames where the player can drive the Ferrari California.Limitations The car ...20
Setting: Church / MonasteryThis group contains games that are set inside one of the following buildings: ...20
Genre: Board game - Peg solitaireAdaptations of the one-player board game Peg solitaire. 20
Endless seriesAmplitude Studios' series of games, including Endless Space, Dungeon of the ...20
Automobile: Toyota 2000GTGames where the player can drive the Toyota 2000GT.Limitations The car must be ...20
Shining universe20
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