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Buzz! series17
Final Fantasy IV gamesThis group contains games that are related directly to the original Final ...17
Genre: Board game - Go / WeiqiThis group contains video game adaptations of the ancient Chinese board game ...17
SEGA Vintage Collection seriesThis is a collection of several classic games which have been originally ...17
Blitz variantsPopularly known as Blitz, the progenitor of this game is said to be Air Attack ...17
Dizzy seriesThe adventures of Dizzy, the egg-shaped hero of the Yolkfolk. Designed by the ...17
Wheel of Fortune licenseesGames based on the popular Wheel of Fortune game show17
Infocom compilationsThis group contains game compilations of Infocom's interactive fiction games, ...17
Games involving the Hanseatic LeagueGames that involve the Hanseatic League as an important part of the theme, plot ...17
Godzilla gamesGames featuring Toho's Godzilla kaiju (giant monster), a fire-spewing ...17
Digimon gamesGames based upon or heavily refering to Bandai's Digimon (Digital Monsters), ...17
10 Computer Hits seriesA series of compilations from Beau Jolly.17
Gameplay feature: GoldsmithingGoldsmithing is a skill offered in some games that allows the character to ...17
Super Robot Taisen seriesBanpresto's series of strategy RPGs with super robots, originally developed by ...17
Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) seriesThis group contains games based on the CSI television series, broadcast on CBS ...17
Setting: Classical GreeceThis group comprises all the games set in the Classical period of ancient ...17
Fatal Fury seriesSNK's original Street Fighter clone turned legit fighting franchise in which ...17
Game Engine: TADSTADS (Text Adventure Development System) is an Interactive Fiction software ...17
Premium Games labelA series by the Polish distributor Cenega Poland, which is described by the ...17
Gameplay Feature: Body DraggingGames in which a player can move a body in order to conceal a kill, or for ...17
Activision's Shanghai seriesGames produced or licensed by Activision using the strategic tile-based ...17
Softdisk's Big Blue compilationsMonthly disk magazine shovelware compilations of games, utilities, applications ...17
Genre: Tile-based puzzle games with combatThis group is for puzzle games that mix Bejeweled style puzzle solving with ...17
Carmen Sandiego seriesIncludes all titles based off of (and including) the original "Where in the ...17
Aircraft: DH.98 MosquitoGames featuring the de Havilland Aircraft Company's DH.98 Mosquito aircraft (or ...17
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