I.C.E. Multimédia


I.C.E. Multimédia was a Canadian publishing company in business from approximately 1999 until about 2003. Located in Quebec, I.C.E. also distributed French and English games in Canada which were published by other companies.


Le pays des Pierres Magiques 2: Les brumes de l'oubli(2002)
Land of the Magic Stones(2002)
MahJongg Master(1999)


Company location and contact information (2003):

I.C.E. Multimédia
2775, rue Rolland bur. 100,
Ste-Adèle, Quebec
Canada J8B 1C9
Tél: 450.229.9220
Fax: 450.229.9322
Website: www.icemultimedia.com

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