10tacle studios AG


10tacle studios AG was a German game publisher founded by CEO Michele Pes in August 2003 in Darmstadt, Germany.

Since its founding 10tacle studios AG acquired many companies in different countries. The first one was the German studio reakktor.com in 2004 and in October 2005 they acquired development studio elseWhere Entertainment and renamed it 10tacle Studios Belgium. In December of 2005 they opened a development studio in Singapore, and Blimey! Games was acquired two months later in February 2006. The hand-held division 10tacle Studios Mobile GmbH was established later that year in May.

In June 2007 they acquired development studio Stormregion and in August 2007 a stake in The Climax Group. In December 2007 10tacle announced to acquire Berlin-based TGC – The Games Company, but due to financial problems that never happened. Because of their finances 10tacle claimed insolvency in August 2008 (this also lead to the end of the subsidiary 10tacle Studios Slovakia).

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