10tacle studios AG


Company address:

10tacle studios AG
Goebelstrasse 21

Phone: +49 (06151) 397380
Fax: +49 (06151) 3973810
Mail to: [email protected]

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From a press release dated Jan. 19, 2007:

Listed in the General Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, 10tacle studios AG is one of Europe’s leading independent developers and producers of high-end computer and video games.

In the first six months of 2006, the company reported a turnover increase to 12.71 million Euros (first six months of 2005: 1.8 million Euros). 10TACLE STUDIOS AG’s adjusted EBITDA improved to 2.9 million Euros in the first six months of 2006 (first six months of 2005: 510,000 Euros). EBIT reached 2.3 million Euros, compared to 43,000 Euros in the year-ago period. Currently, more than 230 employees work for the Company at its headquarters in Darmstadt and the development sites in Duisburg, Hanover, London, Charleroi, Bratislava and Singapore.

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