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10Tacle Studios Belgium was first a limited liability company called elseWhere Entertainment, incorporated in Belgium on November 15, 2001 and founded by Yves Grolet, its CEO. Most of the company's team members came from Appeal S.A., when Grolet and several other members left in 2000 after the release of Outcast.

Since Appeal was struggling with the follow-up game, elseWhere Entertainment wanted to develop its own sequel to Outcast, but publisher Infogrames held on to the intellectual property. Similar to Appeal, the studio focused on technology first and created NeoReality, advanced technology encompassing advanced 3D rendering, realistic physics and real-time NPC behaviour. Work was started on Project Alpha (an action/adventure game similar to Outcast, but in an entirely new universe) and Project Beta, a fast-paced racing game, aimed for the Windows, Xbox, PlayStation 2 and Gamecube platforms. Project Alpha was announced as a squad-based shooter for the Xbox supporting four players. It later appeared under the names The-Incident and Symbiosis.

Although no games had been released yet, in October 2005 the company was acquired by 10tacle studios AG and became 10Tacle Studios Belgium. A first title was made available in April 2007: David Douillet Judo. Meanwhile, Symbiosis had been cancelled in favour of Totems, an action/adventure game mixing modern day world events with the fantasy of native American religion.

On August 8, 2008, due to lingering financial problems, the 10tacle publishing group went bankrupt and Yves Grolet, CEO of 10Tacle Belgium, decided with immediate effect to close the Belgian studio. All staff lost their jobs and upcoming games (Totems, as well as the announced racing game Urban Racer) were suspended indefinitely.

Bruno Urbain and Julien Hamaide went on to found the development studio Fishing Cactus. Founder Yves Grolet went on to establish AMA Studios in 2009.

Also Known As

  • elseWhere Entertainment SPRL (from Nov 15, 2001 to Oct 18, 2005)


David Douillet Judo(2006)


Company address & contact info:

Elsewhere Entertainment SPRL (10Tacle Studios Belgium)
31 bld Audent
6000 Charleroi

Tel: +32 71 63 33 03
Fax: +32 71 63 33 05

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