2K Czech

Historical Events

    Aug 12, 1997:

    Jun 15, 1998:

    • Illusion Softworks announces that its ADV game project is cancelled and that Project No Rules has been postponed.

    Mar 25, 1999:

    • The company established branches in Prague, Czech Republic and Bratislava, Slovakia.


    • The company opens a Slovak subsidiary in Bratislava: Illusion Softworks Slovakia (later Silver Wish Games).

    Feb 11, 2002:

    • Illusion Softworks, in cooperation with Martin Zima, founds a new game developing company in the Czech Republic: Zima Soft.

    Sep, 2005:

    • The company acquires Pterodon, s.r.o.. All employees move, but Pterodon continues to exist as a shell company.

    Nov, 2006:

    Jan 08, 2008:

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