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3D Realms Entertainment

Historical Events

    Jul, 1994:

    • 3D Realms was founded as the 3D division of Apogee.

    May 01, 1995:

    • 3D Realms releases their first game "Terminal Velocity" version 1.0, a flight action game using the popular "Apogee Shareware Model" for it's method of marketing and was also sold commercially in retail stores.

    Jan 29, 1996:

    • 3D Realms first biggest hit game "Duke Nukem 3D" version 1.0 was released to the public. This game would go on to spawn many console game releases, action figures, add-on level packs, etc. Using a (At the time) ground breaking new 3D engine called the "Build" engine designed by Ken Silverman. The Duke Nukem series is easily 3D Realms biggest and best seller, making "Duke Nukem" a household name.

    Feb, 1997:

    • Apogee creates a new division, Pinball Wizards, which will focus exclusively on cutting- edge pinball games. Wildfire Studios, an Australian developer, partnered with Pinball Wizards to create Balls of Steel, due out September 1997, with five tables, one based on Duke Nukem 3D.

    Jun, 1997:

    • The Prey engine and game are shown at Atlanta's E3, stuns viewers with its realism, speed and special effects, and wins strong accolades as the next generation leader in 3D gaming. (Prey is due out late 1998.) This engine's Portal Technology will be a standard setting landmark for all future 3D games to match.

    Jul, 1997:

    • 3D Realms announces a partnership with Remedy Entertainment, a Finland-based developer with exceptional talent, to co-develop and co-market Max Payne, a new story-driven 3D 3rd-person action game.

    Jan, 1998:

    • 3D Realms enters into a production agreement (not an option agreement) with Threshold Entertainment to create a big budgeted Duke Nukem movie, due out in late 2000.

    Mar, 1998:

    • 3D Realms announces it has become a "founding partner" and equity owner of the new Dallas-based publisher, Gathering of Developers. Scott Miller is announced as being on the Board of Directors, as well as on the Board of Developers (along with Steve Blackburn from 3D Realms), whose task it is to review game submissions for potential publication by Gathering.


    • 3D Realms' long-in-development 3D shooter, Prey, is cancelled. The cancellation was mostly due to problems with their in-house "Portal" technology that was to be used with the game. Many members of the Prey team had left 3D Realms, which also hindered development before the game was finally cancelled.
    • 3D Realms hires Human Head Studios to finish development of their once-cancelled 3D shooter, Prey. They chose Human Head because 3D Realms' vice president and producer, George Broussard, was quite impressed by their third-person "slasher", Rune.
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