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Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy(2017)
Chaos;Child: Love Chu☆Chu!!(2017)
Corpse Party(2016)
Bullet Soul(2016)
Steins;Gate 0(2015)
Corpse Party: Blood Drive(2015)
Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness(2015)
Robotics;Notes Elite(2014)
Robotics;Notes Elite AR(2014)
Mars: War Logs(2014)
Steins;Gate Linear Bounded Phenogram (Genteiban)(2013)
Memories Off: Yubikiri no Kioku (Genteiban)(2013)
Memories Off 6: Complete(2013)
Memories Off 6: Complete (Genteiban)(2013)
Memories Off: Yubikiri no Kioku(2013)
Steins;Gate Linear Bounded Phenogram (Sūryō Genteiban)(2013)
Steins;Gate Linear Bounded Phenogram(2013)
Corpse Party: Book of Shadows(2013)
Akatsuki no Goei: Trinity(2012)
Dunamis15 (Shokai Genteiban)(2012)
Robotics;Notes (Shokai Genteiban)(2012)
Steins;Gate: Variant Space Octet(2011)
Dunamis15 (Sūryō Genteiban)(2011)
Steins;Gate: Darling of Loving Vows(2011)
Memories Off: Yubikiri no Kioku + Sweets Pack(2011)
11eyes CrossOver: Hollow Mirror Field(2011)
11eyes CrossOver: Sin, Damnation and the Atonement Girl(2010)
Corpse Party(2010)
Memories Off: Yubikiri no Kioku(2010)
Chaos;Head: Love Chu☆Chu!!(2010)
Summon Night Granthese: Horobi no Tsurugi to Yakusoku no Kishi(2010)
Memories Off: Complete Box(2009)
L no Kisetsu: W Pocket(2009)
Memories Off #5: Encore (Genteiban)(2009)
Memories Off #5: Encore(2009)
Memories Off: Sorekara Again(2009)
Memories Off: Sorekara Again (Genteiban)(2009)
Memories Off 6: NR - "T-wave" Second Chapter (Genteiban)(2009)
Memories Off 6: Double Pack(2009)
Memories Off 6: NR - "T-wave" Second Chapter(2009)
Memories Off: After Rain(2009)
Memories Off: After Rain (Genteiban)(2009)
Memories Off 6: T-wave (Genteiban)(2009)
Hyakko: Yorozuya Jikenbo!(2009)

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