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Abacus is a privately held company based in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Abacus is a publisher of quality software and computer books. We've been developing and publishing software for the home consumer since 1978 making us one of the pioneers in the personal computer industry.

We're one of the world's leading developers of flight simulation add-ons. Currently, our worldwide bestsellers include FS Design Studio, EZ-Landmark, Flight Deck and CoPilot - all add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator and Combat Flight Simulator.

We're also one of the leading developers of train simulation add-ons including Casino Express, LTV Trainset, Scenic Railway and Train Sim Modeler - all for Microsoft Train Simulator.

In the gaming arena we have two popular titles: Face Factory and Career Creator both add-on for "The Sims" from Electronic Arts/Maxis.

These software products are sold by a network of major retail chains and computer specialty stores throughout the world.

Our Premier Collection Series of flight-sim add-ons delivers Internet-only flight sim addons direct to users by download. Each product in the series is chosen based on the highest quality standards and offers the user a chance to "try-before-you-buy".

We also publish computer books, concentrating on productivity titles. In the late-1980's, Abacus pioneered book/disk publishing by bundling the highly regarded book PC Intern with a ready-to-use diskette. Abacus was one of the first publishers to move to book/CD-ROM publishing. Among the best selling books are Easy Digitial Photography, PaintShop Pro Power Solutions and Building Your Own PC.

Source: Selected articles from Abacus Official Company Website - About Abacus



Flight Deck 6(2009)
Chopper Havoc!(2009)
Military Helicopters 2(2009)
Combat Collectors: Second Edition(2008)
Carrier Strike Force(2008)
International Fighters(2008)
Mission: WWI Dogfight(2008)
Military Collection 2008(2008)
Fighter Pilot 2(2008)
Black Hawk(2007)
Aircraft: Collector's Edition(2007)
Fly the Boeing 787 Dreamliner(2006)
Fly the Airbus A380(2005)
Civil Air Patrol(2005)
World Extreme Landscapes(2005)
Military Helicopters(2005)
Flight Ventures(2005)
Corporate Pilot 2(2005)
Chopper Havoc!(2004)
USA Extreme Landscapes(2004)
Vietnam Carrier Ops(2004)
WWII Carrier Ops(2004)
Private Pilot 2(2004)
Enhanced European Terrain(2004)
Sea Planes: Adventures for FS2002/2004(2003)
Military Aircraft: Collector's Edition(2003)
Military Collection(2003)
Flight Deck III(2003)
FS Whirlybirds(2003)
Warbirds Extreme: Warriors of the Sky!(2002)
LTV-Erie Mining Company Railroad Trainset(2002)
U.S. Scenic Railway(2002)
Job Factory(2002)
Mosquito Combat Europe(2002)
Behind Enemy Lines(2000)
Tuskegee Fighters(2000)
Pacific Theatre(1999)
Dangerous Airports(1999)
Wings Over China: Air Battles of the Flying Tigers(1999)


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Phone: 616 698-0330
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