Actual Entertainment, Inc.


Founded in 1994 by 5 die-hard strategy fans, it grew and grew by 1995 there were over 100 employees, a vice manager, and a manager, and over 50 state of the art computers (at that time they were). The company started on it's first game in 1995 and after 1 year in 1996 it produced Gubble that some people said broke the 3D graphics ceiling, in 1997 it started on Gubble 2 attempting to make the already revalutionary graphics and sounds even better. The Alpha version of Gubble 2 was released in 1998 and the full game was released in 1999. This company focuses on strategy/arcade games. Gubble and Gubble 2 are the only games made by Actual Entertainment so far.

Contributed by Jim Fun (252) on Oct 29, 2001.