aerostudios inc.


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Also Known As

  • AEROSOFT Corporation -- Former company name
  • AEROSOFT (USA) -- Alternate branding


Airline Sharks(2012)


On Nov. 19, 2003, the author/creator of ATCsimulator2 and the owner of aerostudios inc., was nearly killed on his motorcycle. A truck turned in front of him as he was traveling 5 mph. Mr. Davis had no where to go and body-slammed the bed of the truck and was catapulted 70 feet down the street. He suffered broken right heel bone, 5 ribs on right side, 1 rib on left side, right collapsed lung, fracturing of all 5 lumbar vertebrae, L2 burst and portions of it had to be removed in surgery. Spinal surgery was performed on Thanksgiving Day 2003. Mr. Davis spent 12 days in ICU, 5 days in rehab and 4 months in a body brace. He now lives in constant pain, but still rides a Harley any chance he gets.

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