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Alten8 Ltd.


Alten8 Limited a UK based company that focuses on licensing, development and publishing, founded by Paul Andrews.

On 2nd October 2008 the company announced a major reorganization where it was announced Alten8 would remain as the parent brand, and the publishing brand for all future media releases. Five distinct divisions were announced:
  • Skull Monkey Games - internal development division for new IP

  • Retro-Soft - the division handing both internal, and contract retro game development and re-imagining.

  • Mangled Pixel – the film and CGI creation division

  • Octave Sound – the sound creation department, servicing both the internal divisions needs, as well as external contracts.

  • Entain8 – standalone sister company to Alten8, also providing CD and DVD supply to third parties, and art and packaging requests also.


Contact Address (2006)

Alten8 Ltd
PO Box 1249

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