Amiga Corporation


Former Atari employee Jay Miner founded Amiga in 1982. Amiga released the game Mogul Maniac and the controller called the Joyboard. Amiga had plans for some innovative products, such as the Power Module (memory expansion) and a pair of 3D glasses. Sadly, these never saw the light of day as Amiga moved out of the console video game business and concentrated on computers. Today, Amiga is in workstation software development.

Also Known As

  • Hi-Toro (from Sep, 1982 to 1983) -- Original company name


Mogul Maniac(1983)
Off Your Rocker(1983)


When changing their name from the original Hi-Toro, the new placeholder name (ultimately stuck with) passed seemingly the only important name test of the early '80s: it would appear before "Atari" in the phone book.

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