AniVision began in 1994 as a wholly-owned division of Thermo Information Solutions in Huntsville, Alabama. It created real-time 3D animation technologies for distribution over the internet and interactive television channels. In November 1999, AniVision, Inc. was created as a separate company with former Thermo President Robert Wells as CEO and Chairman of the Board.

AniVision developed media technology targeted to the education, tourism, and entertainment industries that allowed interactive viewing and virtual participation in sporting events. Their products were used by National Parks to overlay animated dinosaurs on preserved fossil walls, by theme parks to insert animated targets through out the live park, and sports broadcasters to animate replays of race car wrecks. The company also produced interactive advertising media technologies for large corporations providing interactive online marketing experiences for consumers.

In the gaming industry, the company is most famous for Net Race Live, an online gaming network which allowed gamers to compete head-to-head in actual events. Launched in 2000, Net Race Live was the location of the online game Indy Net Race Live (2001). AniVision's only game released for retail distribution was Gods and Generals in 2003.

Nothing is known about the remaining history of AniVision other than their company website became inactive after May 2004.

(Alabama-based AniVision, Inc. does not appear to be connected with Anivision America Inc. of Burbank, California, a motion picture and video tape production company established in 1992 and owned by Sunwoo Entertainment.)


Gods and Generals(2003)


Company location and contact information (Dec. 2000):

AniVision, Inc.
228 Holmes Ave NE
2nd Floor
Huntsville, Alabama 35801

Phone: 256-382-8000
Toll-Free: 1-800-797-7279
Former company website:

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