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Artifact Entertainment, founded in November 1999 is a privately held software development company that currently is focused on the subscription based massively multiplayer online game, "Horizons". The Mission of Artifact Entertainment is to provide subscription based quality online entertainment experiences using superior technology, proven design methods, broad market appeal, customer satisfaction and the highest quality staff.

Artifact has spent over 18 months developing a superior technology base from which all of the company's products and services will be built. The proprietary "Evolution Engine" is being developed by Artifact with the primary goal and objective of creating a state of the art commercially viable technology for low cost rapid development of Multi-User Networked Simulations. The technology incorporates all necessary tools to develop Online Persistent Dynamic Simulations for a wide variety of gaming genres, including Role Playing Games (RPG), Real Time Strategy (RTS), Action Adventure and Interactive Entertainment worlds. Once completed, the "Evolution Engine" will be licensed as a fully featured simulation engine. Potential customers could include game developers and publishers looking to create massive multiplayer games, telecommunication monitoring systems, fault tolerance maintenance and monitoring systems, assembly line production modeling and monitoring, network management and prediction, and interactive entertainment environments.

Artifact's technology provides the ability to create and manage extremely complex dynamic environments and maintain online persistent worlds. This ability opens the potential for game designs to reach new levels of player interaction and immersion. Our design methods and philosophies are well proven and come as the result of years of experience in designing games. Our designs focus on providing fantastic graphical environments and intuitive game mechanics that allow players to continually grow and expand their online persona.

Artifact is dedicated to finding the most talented staff available to make its products successful. The core development team of Artifact is comprised of experts from several different industries. The fundamentals required to build a reliable secure server infrastructure have been proven in other industries such as telecommunications, and E-Commerce systems. Artifact has brought industry experts from these fields to insure the quality level of its technology infrastructure. Artifact has also secured select key members from the gaming industry, in particular, people that have experience with successful online game titles. The Artifact team is comprised of serious dedicated gamers. The drive behind any project is passion, and the single most dominant passion behind nearly every member of the Artifact team is gaming. The combined gaming experience of the core team runs into hundreds of years of game playing and only through this knowledge and experience is it possible to design future games that players will enjoy.

The vision of Artifact is to become the market leader in on-line entertainment expanding beyond the role of a game developer to become the leading electronic entertainment provider. Artifact will provide the most stable, reliable and enjoyable online experiences. Artifact will achieve this through superior technologies that simplify and enhance the development process, a dedication to recruiting and retaining the most talented staff and focusing proven design methods on broad market appeal.

Source: Selected articles from Artifact Entertainment Official Company Website - About - Overview


Horizons: Empire of Istaria(2003)
Demise: Rise of the Ku'tan(2000)


Artifact Entertainment is located in Mesa, Arizona

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