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Location in October 1995:

Infogrames Entertainment
82-84, rue du 1er mars 1943
69628 Villeurbanne Cedex

Contributed on Aug 29, 2006 by Jeanne (76590)

According to Bruno Bonnell on a television interview, the founders used a mix-and-match computer program to suggest names for their new company, one of which was "Infogramme": a portmanteau of the French words "informatique" (information technology) and "programme" (a computer program). The final choice, "Infogrames", was a slightly modified version of that suggestion, and is properly pronounced "IN-foe-gramz" — it is unrelated to the English word "games". However, in English, it is sometimes misunderstood as a misspelling of Infrogames, and sometimes referred to thereof.

Contributed on Mar 01, 2006 by Sciere (505955)

At first sight, a tatoo may not seem a particularly clever, nor interesting animal. So why a tatoo ?

Actually, the tatoo is one of the last animals from the prehistoric age to be still walking on the surface of the Earth. Thus, it seems that choosing the tatoo to represent the company brought it luck: Infogrames has been around for 20 years and is still stronger than ever !

Contributed on Feb 08, 2002 by Cochonou (1096)

Infrogrames is traded on the NASDAQ under ticker symbol IFGM.

Contributed on Jul 17, 2001 by William Shawn McDonie (1183)

Infogrames has grown up incredibly big during the last decade. As of this writing (year 2000 / 2001), the company is acknowledged as the second biggest game publisher in the world, right after Electronic Arts itself.

Contributed on May 23, 2001 by Cochonou (1096)