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Atari UK Ltd.


Company location (1983)

Ralli Building
Stanley St.
M3 5FD
United Kingdom

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Ocean's previous website address:

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Company address in 1996:

Ocean Software Ltd.
21 Castle Street
Castlefield, Manchester M3 4LZ
United Kingdom

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Address and contact information in 1998:

Infogrames UK Ltd.
21 Castle Street - Castlefield
Manchester, M3 4SW
Lancashire, UK
Tel.: 0161 827 8000
Technical Helpline: 0161 827 8060/1

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Company location (2008):

Atari UK
Landmark House
Hammersmith Bridge Road
London W6 9EI
United Kingdom

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Contact Address (1986):

Ocean Software
Ocean House 6 Central St.
Manchester M2 5NS
Telephone 061 832 6633
Telex 669977

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There is a funny thing about Atari UK's website (

When you browse through Support -> Internationals Hotlines, you get a list of all the hotlines and a country flag next to the specific Atari company (the country where the company is located in the case of multi-country operations).

So, you have there Germany (Germany's flag), Austria (Australia's flag), Switzerland (Switzerland's flag), ... and at the end of the list, you see the email and URL of Atari Australia, together with Austria's flag. ;)

Conclusion: whoever made that page should have proofread it first.

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