Banpresto Co., Ltd.


Banpresto started out in 1977 as Hoei Sangyō, a manufacturer and distributor of arcade games. Changing its name to Coreland in 1982, it worked for Sega and other big arcade industry companies before being bought by Bandai in 1989, when it received its current name.

Since 1989, Banpresto has been concentrating on putting out games for home formats, based around the properties owned and used by Bandai. Thought mostly operating as a publisher, Banpresto has developed some of its games in its in-house development division, Banpresoft.

Due to company restructuring in the aftermath of the Bandai-Namco merger, Banpresto's games business was integrated with the mother company. Now, Banpresto focuses on toys and prices for amusement games, still based on Bandai properties.

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