Behaviour Interactive Chile Ltda.


Behaviour Interactive Chile is a game development studio. It was founded as Wanako Games in 2002. After three years, at the end of 2005, they had already finished and published nine games. Their main development studio is located in Santiago, Chile (Latin America) with at the time they had four teams working on the projects.

In its early years Wanako designed a game framework and development tool: Tongas, usable for multiple genres, with the possibility to integrate it into existing middleware and game engines.

As Wanako some of their games are:In February 2007 the company was acquired by Vivendi Universal Games, Inc.. It was eventually absorbed into Activision Blizzard when the acquisition and merger of Vivendi Games took place. The Sierra Online division Wanako worked for was soon dissolved. In November 2008 Artificial Mind & Movement (now Behaviour Interactive) announced to have acquired Wanako Games and from then on it lived on with the new name Behaviour Interactive Chile Ltda.

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