Beyond Games


From the company's web site:

"Beyond Games was formed in 1992 by Kris Johnson, whose obsession with game programming began with the first home PCs and gaming systems on the market. The first release from the fledgling company was the groundbreaking BattleWheels for the Atari Lynx, winner of the 1993 Consumer Electronics Show Innovations Award.

We have since assembled a team of artists and designers that are among the finest in the industry, and we are unified by a fundamental passion for game design. At the heart of our design philosophy lies the conviction that great tools are the key to getting the most out of talented people, and it is our proprietary toolset to which we attribute the volume of top-quality work our relatively small team is able to generate.

Beyond Games is now expanding to capitalize on the growth of an industry that clamors for evolution in the digital entertainment experience, with an eye to ultimately producing two top-quality titles per year while keeping pace with the latest technology."

Contributed by Paul Budd (403) on Jun 28, 2001.