Bits of Magic


From Centurion: "Bits of Magic was formed by six Little Green Men From Mars and two midgets in a doberman costume. They quickly ran out of money and sold the company to Evan and Nicky Robinson for 13$, two cases of #2 pencils, and a six-pack of Bass Ale. Nicky and Evan did some games with Paul Reiche III and got together with a somnambulistic martial artist named Ken Zarifes before joining Kellyn Beck to bring you this thunderous epic of wagon trains crossing Alaska... no, that's not right... submarines searching the Congo for Dr. Livingstone... no, that's not right either... star destroyers battling D-beams off the Rump of Orion... no! no! no!... well, it's thunderous and epic, whatever it is." (Thanks to MarkF)

Contributed by Brian Hirt (10073) on Mar 01, 1999.