Black Rock Studio


The company was founded as Pixel Planet in September 1999 in Brighton, England by Tony Beckwith. In November 1999 it was already acquired by The Climax Group and renamed Climax Brighton. Before its acquisition, the studio was working on the game Stunt Driver for the Dreamcast, to be completed in 2001, but it was eventually cancelled because of the console's quick demise.

In November 2004 the studio was re-branded Climax Racing and almost four years later, on 28th September 2006, the company was acquired a second time, by Buena Vista Games, Inc. (now Disney Interactive Studios). One year later, in July 2007, the name was changed into Black Rock Studio.

The company was always known for its racing games. Its last title was the action racing game Split/Second (2010). On 1st July 2011 Disney confirmed that the studio was set to close, with 40 people to be made redundant. In May of the same year, staff numbers had already been reduced. The studio was working on an unannounced project after Split/Second, but Disney did not greenlight it.

The studio's ex-employees founded several new studios: Roundcube Entertainment, ShortRound Games, Boss Alien, West Pier Studio and Studio Gobo.

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