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Blitz Games


Blitz Games was a development division of the UK company Blitz Games Studios. The company was originally formed in 1990. At a certain point in time, because of the multiple divisions it owned, the parent company and the main development division were separated. This was consolidated on 2nd April 2008 when the main umbrella company changed its name to Blitz Games Studios. This entry refers to the separate development division Blitz Games, mainly focusing on developing family oriented licensed character games, but it not known at which point the specific development division name was started to be used.

On 12th September 2013 Blitz Games Studios announced in an official statement that they had ceased trading after being unable to secure funds to sustain the business and the development division Blitz Games was shut down.


In May 2007, Blitz Games' Burger King Games Series won a Gold Clio award in the Content and Contact category for its advergaming work with Crispin Porter + Bogusky.

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