Blue Tongue Entertainment Pty, Ltd.


Blue Tongue Entertainment was a game development studio based in Melbourne (Australia). It was originally established in October 1995 as Blue Tongue Software, transitioning from web development to games. Its debut was the Australian football game AFL Finals Fever in 1996. It reached the third place in the Australian sales charts, selling 15,000 units. Its next title, the equestrian simulation Riding Star (1998), was Blue Tongue's first international release, and eventually spawned many ports and conversions for different franchises. For its next titles the studio worked with publisher such as Microprose, Hasbro and Vivendi. Up to De Blob in 2008, all of their games since Riding Star were based on existing franchises. The studio created its own cross-platform game engine TOSHI. It was first used in Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis (2003).

In November 2004 the studio was acquired by publisher THQ Inc. Blue Tongue was eventually closed by THQ in August 2011. Its last title was De Blob 2 (2011).

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