Byron Preiss Multimedia Company, Inc.


Byron Preiss Multimedia develops, publishes and distributes interactive multimedia software on CD-ROM (Compact Disc-Read Only Memory) and in other multimedia formats for on-line delivery and in such other non CD-ROM formats as the Company deems commercially viable. Co.'s primary strategy has been to develop top-quality content in on-line, print, or broadcast forms, based on licenses of existing or new media products or talents in specific areas with consumer, educational, entertainment or professional appeal and recognition. Co. is now a diversified digital content publisher and producer, its current strategy is to develop content and acquire licenses for production in digital form and then exploit said content in multiple formats such as books, internet, video and CD-ROMs. Co.'s products are designed to have global market appeal and are aimed to attract consumers, schools and libraries. Co. intends to emphasize three operating areas which are (i) Education, (ii) Multimedia, which includes on-line, Internet, CD-ROM, DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) and game software, and (iii) Publishing.

(From 1999 Financial Report)

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