Camelot Software Planning


Camelot Software Planning was established on April 4, 1994 by Shugo Takahashi, who had previously worked at his brother Hiroyuki's company Sonic. Though they did some independent development, such as the early PlayStation RPG Beyond the Beyond, most of Camelot's early work was joint development with Sonic on the Shining Force series. Sonic would ultimately be merged into Camelot in 1998, and Hiroyuki Takahashi took over as director.

In 1998, Camelot became an affilate company of Nintendo, and would exclusively produce software for their platforms, becoming well known for the Mario Golf, Mario Tennis, and Golden Sun series. They have since produced titles for publishers other than Nintendo, but they continue to support Nintendo's hardware almost exclusively.

The company is based in the Shinjuku ward of Tokyo, and as of January 2010 employs 42 people.

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