Color Dreams, Inc.


In 1990, Color Dreams created a sub-division of their company called Bunch Games to distribute what were determined to be their lower quality games, so as to not sully Color Dreams' already fragile reputation further.

Contributed on Aug 01, 2007 by LepricahnsGold (128197)

Wisdom Tree, Inc. was a subsidiary name for Color Dreams, a company who produced and released NES games without an official Nintendo license. They managed to do this by reverse engineering the NES and figuring out how to bypass the lock out chip. Although Nintendo would normally press charges against these various unlicensed companies, they did not take action against Wisdom Tree, Inc. in the fear of a public backlash due to the religious themes presented in the games.

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The games released under the Wisdom Tree name are bible adventures. The idea to develop Christian games started as a joke, but it soon became big business.

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Color Dreams was an unlicensed game company, they decided against obtaining an official license to produce Nintendo NES carts. Jim Meuer and Dan Lawton developed a way for the cartridges to legally bypass Nintendo’s lock out chip. Nintendo sued, but lost, as Color Dreams did not copy the mechanism and therefore did not violate any of Nintendo's copyrights or patents.

Contributed on Feb 09, 2005 by Sciere (505796)