Historical Events

    Apr, 1982:

    • Company founded with a capital of one million yen as a developer of logistics software.


    • Compile starts game development. An OEM agreement is signed with Sega. The first games produced are Safari Hunting and Borderline for Sega's SG-1000 (Sega Game 1000) console. Borderline is the starting point for Compile's long tradition of shoot'em-ups.


    • OEM agreements are signed with Sony and General. Compile begins porting American software for the Japanese market.


    • Compile opens a Tokyo office. Its first original game is published. The company also develops three original shoot'em ups which serve to create a fanbase for the formerly anonymous company: Guardic (the fore-runner to The Guardian Legend), Gulkave, and the big hit Zanac.


    • Compile enters the NES market abroad.


    • Diskstation, Compile's monthly disk magazine for the MSX, debuts. Aleste is released for the MSX2 and is Compile's biggest hit so far.


    • Without gaining much attention, Puyo Puyo is released for MSX and NES. This is the first installment of one of Japan's most successful game series ever. Compile develops its first CD-ROM game.


    • Compile Korea is founded.

    Feb 01, 2003:

    • Compile ceases trading. Assets are transferred to the newly established company Aiky, headed by founder Masamitsu Niitani.
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