Creatures, Inc.


Creatures, Inc. is a subsidiary of Nintendo founded on November 8th, 1995 by Tsunekazu Ishihara as a successor to Shigesato Itoi's company Ape. The company focuses on developing Pokémon games. It is the producer of the Pokémon card game, and owns one-third of the copyright over the franchise (together with Nintendo and Game Freak).


Camp Pokémon(2014)
Pokédex 3D Pro(2012)
Pokémon: Dream Radar(2012)
PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond(2011)
Pokémon Card Game: Asobikata DS(2011)
Pokédex 3D(2011)
Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs(2010)
PokéPark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure(2009)
Pokémon: SoulSilver Version(2009)
Pokémon: HeartGold Version(2009)
Kuru Kuru Action Kuru Pachi 6(2009)
Pokémon: Platinum Version(2009)
Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia(2008)
Pokémon Diamond Version(2006)
Pokémon Pearl Version(2006)
Pokémon Ranger(2006)
Nonono Puzzle Chairian(2005)
Pokémon Emerald Version(2004)
Pokémon FireRed Version(2004)
Pokémon LeafGreen Version(2004)
Pokémon Box: Ruby & Sapphire(2003)
Pokémon: Sapphire Version(2002)
Pokémon Ruby Version(2002)
Pokémon Crystal Version(2000)
Pokémon Gold Version(1999)
Pokémon Silver Version(1999)
Pokémon Trading Card Game(1998)
Pokémon Yellow Version: Special Pikachu Edition(1998)
Game Boy Camera (included Games)(1998)
Picross 2(1996)
Pokémon: Blue Version(1996)
Pocket Monster Akai(1996)
Pocket Monsters Midori(1996)
Pokémon: Red Version(1996)


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