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Cryo Networks was a subsidiary of Cryo Interactive formed in 1997. The company developed and published online multiplayer games and software applications. Cryo Networks also maintained a proprietary online multimedia development framework named SCOL (Standard Cryo On Line).

Cryo Networks' headquarters was located in France and it opened two divisions in Quebec, Canada (Montreal and Laval) which handled sales and distributions to the United States and Canada. In January of 2001 the company acquired Vircom, Inc. and merged it into the Montreal location. By December 2001 the Laval, Canada, location no longer existed. The CEO of the company at that time was Patrice Rullier in France, and the Canadian operations were managed by Richard Lachance as General Manager.

The company released a number of online games (including FOG, Scotland Yard, Venice: Fortune and Glory in the City of the Doges, FireTeam and Mankind), before it closed in 2002. Its in-development title, Dune Generations, was abandoned and never released. The SCOL technology was subsequently released as an open source project.


La PrisiĆ³n: La fuga de Don Vitto(2002)
Treasure Hunt 2001: The Mask of Nefer(2001)
FOG ...Seek the hidden truth(2001)
Venice: Fortune and Glory in the City of the Doges(1999)
Scotland Yard(1998)


Headquarters location and contact information (Aug. 2001):

Village de la Communication
44-50, Av. du Capitaine Glarner,
93585 Saint-Ouen Cedex
Tel: +33 1 49 48 69 00
Fax: +33 1 49 48 69 01
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