Crytek USA Corp.


Crytek USA Corp. is a company based in Austin, Texas (USA). At the time of its foundation it was the ninth worldwide studio of the German company Crytek GmbH and it was first announced on 28th January 2013. Crytek USA Corp. is the spiritual continuation of Vigil Games, a studio owned by THQ Inc., a game development outfit that was closed in January of the same year when THQ went bankrupt and sold its studios and assets, but Vigil was not picked up. Crytek USA Corp. is headed by David Adams, former co-founder of Vigil Games. He also took along 35 Vigil developers.

On 3rd June 2014 it was revealed the team was working on new IP, the four-player cooperative action game HUNT: Horrors of the Gilded Age. Following the closure of Crytek UK Ltd. in July 2014, development on the title was transferred from the USA to the Frankfurt studio. The United States presence was reportedly scaled back to include only support for North American CryEngine licenses and developers were offered positions at the Frankfurt studio, but many moved on to other US studios such as Red Fly Studios, id Software, Battlecry Studios, and Retro Studios.

CEO David Adams took along seven lead developers from the studio to establish Gunfire Games.

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