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CTO S.p.A.


CTO S.p.A. was a leading publisher and distributor in Italy for many years.

CTO was founded in 1983 by Marco Madrigali and was located in Zola Predosa (Bologna). Initially it specialized in business software. Some after CTO obtained the Electronics Arts (in 1987) and LucasArts (in 1989) distribution rights for Italy reaching a very strong position during the following years. It also published and distributed a good number of games by other companies, like Cryo and NovaLogic.

CTO opened its own localization company called "The Studios" in 1994. The next year CTO created its own line of classic games at cheap price ("Collezione CD-Rom d'Autore by CTO"). It also started to produce a line of gaming accessories under the name "X-tecnologies" in 1998.

Unfortunately after 2000, due to the EA withdrawal along with changes in the international and Italian markets, CTO entered a very difficult period. It went bankrupt in 2004.


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