Data Becker Corporation


Data Becker Corporation was a privately held company and an associate/affiliate of the large German publishing house Data Becker GmbH & Co. KG.

Located in Massachusetts and founded in 1999, Data Becker Corporation published and distributed all of the German arm's products (computer software, audio, video, books, and magazines) to resellers throughout Canada and the United States.

The company's retail sales in North America reached the multi-million mark in their first six months of operation. Some of the first games to be published and released by Data Becker Corporation were add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator and Microsoft Flight Simulator 98 - Jumbo Jet 2.0 Stuka Dive Bomber, which both went to market in April 1999. Also released that year was the boxing game KO.

It is unknown exactly when Data Becker Corporation closed its doors. From Sept. 2002 through mid-2003, the company website displayed an "Under Construction" notice along with an advisement of legal proceedings filed with a Boston law firm. As of late 2004, the old company website redirects visitors to the German counterpart whose site no longer mentions this North American affiliate.

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