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Data Design Interactive Ltd


Data Design Interactive is a development studio that has been creating titles for a variety of platforms since 1983. They started with games for the Spectrum and Commodore 64, and moved all the way to development for PC and PlayStation 2. DDI is part of Green Solutions Ltd. (GSL) which manages the production of interactive products for the entertainment industry.

In August 2007 the company announced to have set up a dedicated studio for their Wii label Popcorn Arcade, headed up by Robert Dorney.

The company is based in Stourbridge, UK. DDI is a licensed developer and licensed publisher for Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft.

The opening of a second office, Data Design Interactive LLC, in Sarasota, Florida (USA) was announced on 23rd May 2008.

Also Known As

  • Data Design Systems (from 1983 to 1990)


Company information and contact information (2009):

Data Design Interactive
Block K2
Mill Race Lane
West Midlands
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 0 1384 44 79 00
Fax: +44 0 7092 87 47 46
Website: www.ddi-games.com

Data Design Interactive
10/11 Birmingham Street
West Midlands
B63 3HN
Tel: (+44) 0121 504 3820
Fax: (+44) 0121 585 1231
Website: www.datadesign.uk.com

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