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DECK13 Interactive GmbH


The company was founded in Germany in 2001 as Triggerlab GmbH. Previously, the management team had already been involved with games since 1997 at Artex Software, developing games for the Acorn RiscPC platform such as Exodus: The Colonisation of Space.

The company's first release was Stealth Combat (2002), a tactical shooter. In April 2002 the company changed its name to Deck13 Interactive GmbH and started focusing entirely on point-and-click adventure games. They continued the Ankh franchise, established in 1998 with the release of Ankh: The Tales of Mystery on Acorn RiscPC by the Artex Software team.

After the release of the Ankh, the 2005 sequel, two more stand-alone episodes were developed: Ankh: Heart of Osiris (2006) and Ankh: Battle of the Gods (2007). In between they also released an entirely different adventure: Jack Keane (2007).

The company still uses the name Artex Software as a brand for a line of budget publishing.

Also Known As

  • Triggerlab GmbH (from 2001 to Apr 01, 2002)


DECK13 Interactive GmbH received the award "Best German Game Studio of the Year 2013" by the German game development magazine Making Games.

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