Deep Silver GmbH


Games That Matter Productions GmbH (later Deep Silver GmbH) was an Austrian game development and production company founded in 2006. The studio was officially announced on 25th January 2007. Based in Vienna, it was founded by Hannes Seifert and Niki Laber, who were both formerly managers at Rockstar Vienna before it was closed down in 2006, and J├╝rgen Goeldner who held an executive position at THQ.

On 22nd August 2007 Koch Media announced to acquire the company and it was re-branded Deep Silver Vienna, though the official name is Deep Silver GmbH, merging it with Koch's premium label Deep Silver.

The studio released only a single game, Cursed Mountain for the Wii in 2009, in cooperation with Sproing Interactive Media GmbH. Laber left the company in December 2009 and Koch announced to close the studio on 1st February 2010. Seifert moved on to become a creative director at Square Enix.

The closure affected about 20 developers, of which a part was offered a new position at Koch's Munich studio. Development on a second title Ride To Hell, together with Eutechnyx Limited, was shifted to the Munich team as well.

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