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Dob Entertainment, formerly Dobermann Software and later Biohazard Software, is a French game studio by William B. The studio specializes in 2D games. The studio is especially known for the unlicensed 2D platformer Halo Zero, set in the Halo universe, that has been downloaded more than 1 million times from around the internet so far. During 2006 William B (the founder) worked hard on a remix version of the unfinished SEGA Saturn game Sonic Xtreme. The game progress was going very well, and a demo version was released, which got quite some attention as it was in 3D. In December 2007 Dobermann Software was closed because the founder was tired of game making. He also lost his Multimedia Fusion 1.5 Pro key, so he couldn't continue working on Sonic Xtreme Remix or Halo Zero.

In April 2008, William B started a new studio named Biohazard Software. A beta version of the upcoming game Halo Zero 2 (that had been under development for quite a long time) was released. On 1st February the last news post was posted at Biohazard Software. And at the same time, he started yet another studio, which now is Dob Entertainment. The new studio got a good start with another new beta release of Halo Zero 2 which had a new programmed aiming system so players could shoot exactly where you aimed.

On 6th March, Halo Zero 2 was officially renamed to Halo Zero: Evolved, and it is still in development.

Also Known As

  • Dobermann Software (from 2005 to Dec, 2007)
  • Biohazard Software (from Apr, 2008 to Feb 01, 2009)


Halo Zero(2005)


The former company websites were: (used by Dobermann Software) (used by Biohazard Software)

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