Double Fine Productions, Inc.


Double Fine Productions was founded in July of 2000, in an old, possibly haunted, clog shop in San Francisco. There was a lot of money floating around back then, and a lot of ghosts, and stuff like this happened all the time. The founder, Tim Schafer, created for his previous company (LucasArts) such games as Grim Fandango, Full Throttle, and (half of) Day of the Tentacle. He started Double Fine with a big chunk of the Grim team, and a big chunk of new people. These hardened industry curmudgeons were then thrown into an unheated warehouse with some talented kids fresh out of art school, some rats, and some freaky characters who just wandered in off the street that everybody is afraid to ask who they are.

The team has then released their first game together, Psychonauts, and moved into nicer offices.

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