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Corporate Spew by Jim Namestka

Why are you changing your company name?"

Glad you asked.

Event Horizon Software has been in the industry for well over three years now. During this time, magazines and customers have praised our products for their qualify and fun factor. Unfortunately, we feel that our publishers before SSI could not live up to their end of the deal and that our products did not receive the marketing and distribution push that is standard for commercial products.

Then came our rebirth. With SSI's publishing and EA's distribution our games have finally been accepted into the mass market. Our first two games, THE SUMMONING and VEIL OF DARKNESS, have both received high praise from the industry. Due to their success and the opportunities they have brought, the company is growing.

Recently, it was brought to our attention that there is another company named Event Horizons. Thus, we cannot trademark the name Even Horizon. We did not want any confusion with other products. We are very proud of our products and enjoy playing them ourselves. We want people to see our name and know the quality the name represents.

The way technology continues to rapidly change presented yet another potential problem. What if our products go beyond software? So we asked ourselves, "What media will the company be using in the future?" We realized if we knew that, perhaps the stock market should be our business. We decided that it did not matter what media was used, because we will always create interactive entertainment. (Hey---"Intertainment!")

We are committed to bringing you the very best in Intertainment, hence the creation of DREAMFORGE.

Source: Dungeon Hack Manual, Page 73 (1993)

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