dtp entertainment AG


dtp entertainment AG was a publisher, developer and distributor in the entertainment software industry in Germany and well-known for its adventure games.

Dtp ("digital tainment pool") was founded 1995 in Hamburg as DTP Neue Medien by Thomas Baur and was transformed into today's joint-stock company dtp entertainment AG in 1999. The publishing and distribution business was later realized via dtp digital tainment pool GmbH (2001 to 2003) and then dtp Vertrieb und Marketing GmbH, but also directly and today mainly by dtp entertainment AG.

With the establishing of dtp young entertainment in 2004, dtp has become a big player in the market for children's games. The company got into software developing with the acquisition of German studios 4Head (reformed to Cranberry Production, Hanover; 2007) and House of Tales (Bremen; 2008). In 2008 dtp was the biggest contractor for German development studios in the entertainment software market.

Dtp was known for well-localised and/or synchronised adventure games. Especially for such games the label ANACONDA was founded in 2005 and reintegrated during 2008. The label Shoebox was a cooperation with Egmont Interactive, which was taken over by dtp after Egmont left the PC games sector in 2001.

Dtp stated that its entertainment's business activities are concentrated in four pillars: game development, game publishing and distribution, children's software publishing and distribution, and general distribution services.

In 2009 the company had a staff of over 180 employees at its offices in Hamburg.

In April 2012 the company had to file for insolvency and ceased activity in December 2012.

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