Enix Corporation


Enix was founded in 1982 by Yasuhiro Fukushima as a subsidiary of Eidansha Boshu Service Center.

Enix itself was only a publisher, it never had any of its games developed in-house, and Yasuhiro Fukushima has no programming or designing experience. In its beginnings, it sponsored a national programming contest in Japan. This brought out 300 different programmers, two notable programmers were Koichi Nakamura and Yuji Horii . Koichi Nakamura won the contest with the game called Door Door , and Enix published the game. Koichi Nakamura and Yuji Horii then started working together by founding Chunsoft . This company is best known for developing the Dragon Quest series of games that Enix is best known for publishing.

Enix has also been known for publishing various games by Quintet and tri-Ace .

Today, Enix is defunct. In 2002, Enix merged with its former rival Square Co. Ltd. to form Square Enix Co. Ltd . Yasuhiro Fukushima is the chairman of this company.

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