Fendez Games


Fendez Games was a team that developed freeware games. It appears to have been active between 2005 and 2007. In that time, they created and released Ainevoltas, Kirby's Flight, Mr Dig, Terragon, WildHunt and Zelda's Rupees.

The team consisted of the following people:
  • Franz (President, Coder, Webmaster)
  • Alastair "alspal" Jack (Vice-President, Coder)
  • Tiduas (Tester)
  • MaJoRa (Coder, Spriter)
  • Tim (Graphic Designer, Webmaster)
Some of the people involved, such as Alastair Jack, now release games as Silvernova.




The team's website was formerly located at www.fendez.com.

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