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Flight-Plan Inc.


Flight-Plan (フライト・プラン) was a game development studio based in Gifu, Japan, run by Masami Watanabe. The company was established in September 1989, and worked for many years as a contract developer for NEC.

In 1998, they released Black/Matrix with NEC Interchannel, which would become their first major franchise, comprising six titles. The last game in the series, Black/Matrix OO, was also the very last original title released for the PlayStation in Japan, in 2004.

2000 saw the release of Summon Night with Banpresto, which would become Flight-Plan's flagship series. The company would produce a total of eleven entries in the series, including spinoffs, in as many years.

In their later years, Flight-Plan began to self-publish their own original titles, including Dragon Shadow Spell and Sacred Blaze, but these efforts were not as successful as hoped. The company was forced to close down in mid-2010. Their last released title was Summon Night Granthese, a 3D action RPG set in the Summon Night universe.

After Flight-Plan's dissolution, former staff would go on to start a number of studios, including Felistella (Takayuki Kinoshita), which would continue to develop the Summon Night series for Banpresto, and Apollosoft (Hirokazu Kawase).


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