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Internet Start-Up Set to Redefine Game Industry Business Model with "Episodic" Content Delivery

SCOTTSDALE, AZ -- March 6, 2000 -- Former Senior Vice President of GT Interactive and founder of FormGen, Inc., Jim Perkins, announced today the formation of World Entertainment Broadcasting Corp (WEB Corp.). The new company is poised to shake up the computer gaming and entertainment industry through direct-to-consumer distribution of interactive products, known as "Webisodic" content.

"Using an 'entertainment series' concept, we look forward to cliffhangers or ironic plot twists never before seen in this industry," said Jim Perkins, CEO and founder of WEB Corp. "As we give developers the freedom to spell out organic storylines, we revolutionize the consumer experience. It was the episodic series phenomenon that drove television to the mass market - we see our model doing the same for Internet entertainment."

Perkins pioneered the "episodic" model as head of FormGen. Using the shareware model for initial levels or episodes of a game, he released additional levels to consumers after purchasing or registering the product. Perkins introduced blockbuster games such as Doom, Wolfenstein, Warcraft and Duke Nukem using this model.

WEB Corp is in discussions with the industry's top independent PC and console studios for content including Deer Hunter developer Sunstorm Interactive. In addition, the company plans to announce agreements with major web portals and Internet service providers for distribution partnerships.

"This is going to completely revolutionize the way Sunstorm provides games to the consumer. WEB Corp's episodic games are the future and we're excited to help bring these to everyone on the Internet," said Tony Campiti, Founder and President of Sunstorm Interactive, developers of the best-selling "Deer Hunter" series.

"Our mission is to become the leading broadcaster of top interactive entertainment content on the Internet," added Perkins. "To accomplish this, we're pursuing the top development studios in the world."

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