Gaijin Entertainment Corporation


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Crossout: Craft Ride Destroy - Corrida(2018)
War Thunder: Hunter Pack(2018)
War Thunder: Black Prince Pack(2018)
War Thunder: Guards T-34 Pack(2018)
War Thunder: T29 Pack(2018)
War Thunder: Plagis' Spitfire LF Mk. IX(2018)
Crossout: Craft Ride Destroy - Third Half(2018)
Crossout: Craft Ride Destory - Spectral Hunter(2018)
Crossout: Craft Ride Destroy - Iron Shield(2018)
Crossout: Wild Hunt(2018)
Crossout: Pandemic(2018)
Star Conflict: Journey - Object NY18(2018)
Crossout: Valentine's Day(2018)
Crossout: Arsonist(2018)
Crossout: Frostburn(2017)
Crossout: Arachnophobia(2017)
Crossout: The Inventor(2017)
Crossout: Snake Bite(2017)
Crossout: The Tramp' Pack(2017)
Crossout: Wasteland Warrior pack(2017)
War Thunder: US Combined Forces(2017)
War Thunder: Royal Combined Forces(2017)
War Thunder: Kliment Voroshilov Pack(2017)
War Thunder: Chi-Ha 12cm - Advanced Pack(2016)
War Thunder: Centurion - Advanced Pack(2016)
War Thunder: Panzer Pack(2016)
Star Conflict: Fleet Strength - Razor(2015)
Star Conflict: Fleet Strength - Loki(2015)
Star Conflict: Fleet Strength - Blood Tormentor(2015)
Star Conflict - Fleet Strength: Sawtooth(2015)
Star Conflict: Fleet Strength - Cutter(2015)
Star Conflict: Fleet Strength - Mauler(2015)
Star Conflict: Dogs of War - Nyx(2015)
War Thunder: Tracks of Victory(2015)
Skydive: Proximity Flight(2013)
War Thunder: Steam Pack(2013)
Star Conflict: Jolly Roger(2013)
Star Conflict: Dead Man's Chest(2013)
Star Conflict: Corsair(2013)
Star Conflict(2013)
Star Conflict: Soldier of Fortune(2013)
Star Conflict: Galaxy Explorer(2013)
Star Conflict: Elite Pilot(2013)
War Thunder(2012)
Blades of Time: Dismal Swamp(2012)
Blades of Time: Limited Edition(2012)
Birds of Steel(2012)
Blades of Time(2012)
Battle vs Chess(2011)

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