Generation Stars


Generation Stars also known as "GS Team" was originally founded in Rijeka, Croatia in the year 1999. Founders were Edi Budimilic, Goran Duskic who are still working as active members, and Dragan Maurovic who is no longer a part of team. Generation Stars now counts 8 team members and 2 associates who are all from Croatia but one from Serbia and Montenegro.

For the past 6 years Generation Stars have been developing games and have produced over 20 small freeware arcade games and 2 shareware arcade games. Most popular games like "Raklem", "GS Inspector", "CaveShip" or "Find 5" had made their mark on numerous web sites and game related portals where some reached tens of thousands downloads. Web sites like: "", "", "" or "" and many, many others. Many games were mentioned in all domestic (and some foreign) game related magazines plus some made their way in local news papers.

Games made by Generation Stars are most likely to be small 2D arcade games, office or board games. 2005 is the year when GS Team made their first steps in shareware industry so they made an exception in their making of games and made a "platformer kind of game" game called "Gink In Trouble". This and all games that are yet to be developed have a difficult task, to create a brand Generation Stars.


Contributed by Xoleras (66891) on Oct 26, 2005.