geobra Brandstätter Stiftung Co.KG


The German Brandstätter Group, or 'geobra Brandstätter' is the parent company to the Playmobil toy manufacturer, making the PLAYMOBIL® brand of plastic figures.

It was started by Andreas Brandstätter, a locksmith, in 1876, making locks and metal fittings in Fürth, which in 1908 was taken over by his son Georg, who changed the name to 'Metallwarenfabrik Georg Brandstätter'.

In 1921 they moved from Fürth to Zirmdorf and changed name to 'geobra' - which was a short form of the owners name. Things like cash registers, telephones and also some toy store items were produced at this time.

In the 1950:s the company turned from metal to plastic products, making various molded plastic objects, which eventually turned into toy production.

The group now includes several companies, including self-watering plant pots, theme-parks based around Playmobil toys, and the Playmobil production factories and sales companies around the world.

Contributed by Rwolf (14419) on Apr 25, 2017.