Greenstreet Software Ltd.


Greenstreet Software Limited was formed from the restructuring of GST Technology and eGames Europe. The company was a publisher and developer of Windows software based in the United Kingdom with a division in the United States.

GST was founded in 1979, and worked on many early computer systems including MSX (Shark Hunter), Sinclair QL (Assembler and Small C), Atari ST (1st Word, 1st Word plus) but rose to fame with the release of its world-beating DTP package Timeworks Publisher. GST went on to develop a whole range of graphic productivity software including Draw, Photo FX 2 and the "Maker" range of print products.

Changing market trends and global sales patterns led GST to consider a major change in policy. After years of licensing software to other publishers, GST decided to take up the challenge of global publishing itself and began doing so in 1998.

Greenstreet Software acquired the rights to GST's software in 2001 and developed and published under its own Greenstreet brand, aiming to ensure top quality software and support to all customers.

The 2001 "merger" with eGames Europe (Greenstreet also acquired the IP rights), the European division of eGames Inc., gave Greenstreet the right to distribute low cost, high value family friendly entertainment titles in the UK and Europe, advancing prospects and vastly broadening its product portfolio.

Greenstreet routinely sold software to distribution partners in at least 41 countries. It had publishing partners located everywhere from the US to Holland to Japan to whom it licensed products, often under other brands. Greenstreet also owned games and utility software distribution rights in a huge host of territories for an ever-expanding range of software. Much of the translation work was carried out in-house, and the company had a rigorous, well-established test department.

On the 16th of May 2008 the company reincorporated, began trading as Greenstreet Online Limited, and by July 2008 had completed another restructuring. Layoffs of personnel began in December 2009, citing the economic climate as the cause. In June 2010 the company began liquidation proceedings and is now closed.

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